Clique (2017)

In the first year of uni, childhood best friends Holly and Georgia find themselves drawn to an elite clique. When Holly begins to suspect darkness lurks beneath the glamour, she will do anything to save her soulmate.
  • November 10, 2018

    Clique Season 2 Episode 1 Episode 1

    Holly is back for her second year of university. She’s tough and doesn’t need anyone fighting her battles. Holly lives with her friend Louise and two new younger students – Rayna and Fraser - who are fascinated by the events of last year but Holly just wants to keep her distance and move on....

  • November 17, 2018

    Clique Season 2 Episode 2 Episode 2

    Holly is shocked after the brutal attack. The boys close ranks as blame is placed at their door and Holly and Jack’s new relationship is tested. Louise finds a place to fight for what she believes at activist group Women Rise and meets charismatic politician Agnes Reid, who has a personal...

  • November 24, 2018

    Clique Season 2 Episode 3 Episode 3

    With Rayna missing, Holly finds herself desperate to discover the truth of that night. When the university acts to punish the boys and expels Jack on the basis of an accusation, they go to town on the Dean of Students finding he has some skeletons in his own closet. Unable to ignore corruption,...

  • December 1, 2018

    Clique Season 2 Episode 4 Episode 4

  • December 8, 2018

    Clique Season 2 Episode 5 Episode 5

  • December 15, 2018

    Clique Season 2 Episode 6 Episode 6